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Heroes Baseball is an organization that is under the leadership and guidance of Living Tree Foundation. Together, we have created Heroes Baseball to assist soldiers returning home from combat operations with their transition to civilian life through the game of baseball. Our goal is to help these soldiers become active participates in society as they begin their release from duty.

"From the front lines to the home plate, we've got you covered."
Heroes Baseball is dedicated to honor the service and sacrifice of our combat veterans and wounded service members by providing a one of a kind team atmosphere. The intention is to build a brotherhood amongst the Veterans and Active duty members. The mission is to encourage these brothers to be active not only on the baseball field but in their surrounding communities as well.

Heroes Baseball was developed to be another tool in assisting veterans and soldiers during their transitional period from active duty to civilian life.
The foundation provides a positive atmosphere of camaraderie amongst these men so that they know that they do not have to face transition alone. Heroes Baseball takes pride in interacting within the surrounding communities as a tool to showcase how valuable their skills are.

How to Support
Heroes Baseball is a non profit foundation that solely operates on the generosity and support of private individuals, small businesses, and corporations to continue on. We are actively seeking various forms of support to continue in our endeavors in expanding our mission. Your support in any way possible will be instrumental in funding travel, training, equipment, and outreach to service members across the country.

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